Code of conduct


  • Students are expected to maintain high standard of discipline in the Institute As well as outside the Institute especially during outings, excursions and tours/visits/training.
  • Prior Permission is compulsory to organize any club or forum in the college.
  • The students shall not organize any meeting without permission of the principal.
  • In any case of any dispute of whatever nature, the decision of principal/Management committee will be final and bending on the students, parents and guardians.
  • It is compulsory for the students to participate in each and every activity of the college including seminar, workshop, tours, and training program.
  • A student can be withdrawn from the college at the parent’s request at the end of an academic session.
  • If the student is withdrawn during the session, the fee paid will not be refunded the withdrawn of a student will be granted as submission of a return application to the principal through the head of the faculty one month prior to the withdrawn along with no dues certificate obtained from various section of the institute.