Vice Principle’s Message

Mother is the first teacher of every child. An educated mother makes an educated citizen of the nation. In fact woman is the reflection of a country and she had a creativity to mould the essentials of own roots. Shekhawati Girls College is an institute to provide an essential education to the upcoming teachers of society.

A Child is a store-house of many latent abilities, capabilities and potentialities. It’s the teacher who draws out the best and polishes them in the way she wants. In shekhawati region there is a great need of True & Ideal teachers for the students. It is not the magnificent building, splendid libraries or green lawn that make an institution.

In the presence of ideal teacher, on feels like Arjun before Dronacharya and Alexendar before Aristotle.

Learning is an on-going process. Hence the end- of year examination alone cannot be pointers to the regularity, comprehension, competence, sincerity, diligence and intelligence of students. Shekhawati Girls College is an Institute that keeps watch on girls’ performance & depth of understanding by a series of class test and viva-voice.
Let me assure you.

That in the temple of education every effort will be made to achieve academic excellence by every available means. I welcome parents to the college campus to help your daughter to fortify with the knowledge and skill and archive remarkable landmarks in the knowledge community.

Best Regards
Dr. Suman Yadav
Vice Principle – Shekhawati Girls College

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